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What is creative advertising & its importance?

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Creative advertising is an advertising practice with innovation, to share the brand story and images in an impactful way. According to the research, creative ads offer about eleven times more ROI than regular ads, and this is because they optimize the conversion and share an exciting story. 

It is cleverly and strategically designed to penetrate the people’s minds, and by doing so, it gets stuck in their heads, influencing them to buy that product. 

People do not want to hear some speech or vogue lines but stories. This is why these advertisements are more successful than usual. 

When we hear some stories that connect us with the plot, we tend to remember them. Many types of advertising agencies commonly use this method. They tell us a story (most of the time about facing a problem and emerging victorious). 

But this doesn’t end here. Storytelling is one of many ways of creative advertising. Even some other styles and tones are also use by the advertising agencies. Such as rub off effect advertising, where products get connected with the recent events. Amul Dairy creates this kind of advertisement. 

There are many types of creative advertising methods practiced by the top advertising agencies in the world.

Sarcastic creative advertising

It could be a graphic, verbal and visual content in which sarcasm will be used as the ad’s theme. It can sarcastic about something familiar or create a scene with a highly exaggerated tone. 

These kinds of creative ads aim to the traditional system while offering a better option. Sometimes, it may target a problem and suggest the solution while putting the brand as HERO. Due to its nature of exaggeration or world scene, these kinds of ads tend to click into the mind of viewers.

Creating jingles 

These ads aim to create a very catchy song. The lyrics are written so that they can get stuck in our mind smoothly. consequently, your mind automatically starts humming these jingles (sometimes without remembering the exact lyrics). Resulting, it makes a place in our minds, and we choose those products automatically. 

These creative ads are in more volume than the former ones. The most essential part of making these ads is sorting out the perfect lyrics, and it required a good understanding of music while sometimes it could be done by twisting the old, already present music.

Misdirection form of creative advertising

These digital advertisements try to catch the audience’s attention with something unrelated to the product. For instance, if a brand sells soft drinks but initiates its graphic ad with a strong suitcase. It will look like they are advertising for the durability of that suitcase, but at the last moment, the audience will learn that there is a soft drink in that suitcase that is getting protected all the time. 

It is like hide and seek. The suspense in the marketing lead the curiosity in the viewers. 

These creative ads work on twists and tricks. The audience remembers them due to their twists in the end and unexpected results. Due to the unexpected outcomes, our brain doesn’t forget them. 

Linear storytelling 

These advertisement techniques are USP of best advertising agencies because it is the linear formation and follow the same old pattern of storytelling. The exciting thing about this advertisement is that it creates a vibrant environment for the audience, and it focuses on positive emotions such as nostalgia, happiness, and peace. 

The goal of the advertisers is to click the emotions positively. Most of these stories start with the protagonist facing some troubles, and then it proceeds to the last moment solution that the protagonist gets from the advertiser’s product or services. After that, it will create an environment of satisfaction (in many cases, it could be happiness, peace, or a kind of redemption). 

This format is so simple yet so effective. But why? 

The reason behind the impact of this format of advertising is hiding in the core character of human emotions. For thousands of years, we as human beings have been listening to stories of heroes who have overcome hurdles and achieved glorious purposes. 

This advertisement uses the same story to connect with us.

It is like some ancient spell that is powerful enough to bind the emotions and thoughts of people. 

Quiz advertising 

This kind of advertising involves questions or fill-in-the-blanks where people answer them. These questions are from the area in which the brand work. 

It paves the way for the human nature of answering and correcting things. It is indeed more of a psychological game than targeting some emotional aspect of the consumers. The effectiveness of these advertisements depends on the consumer’s encounters on that topic. 


There are multiple ways of creative advertising, but it is in the hand of advertisers to choose the best one according to the need and brand image. Advertising is an art, and it requires a deep sense of understanding of human psychology to get the desired results. Although, you can aim for any simple advertising, creative one will put the right marks on the people’s minds. 

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